The Ensemble

“All for one and one for all – united we stand divided we fall” – Alexander Dumas

Once a Purple Threads’ artist, always a Purple Threads’ artist. 

We are a network of artists all across the country, from New York City to Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California.  Launched one hazy New York City summer in 2008 by a group of like-minded and determined artists (most of whom had just finished the Evening Conservatory at Stella Adler), we were inspired to begin creating our own works after becoming disenfranchised and jaded by the audition scene.

The company has gone onto a number of iterations, each one a valuable step in our journey to discover who we are and what we truly want to do in realm of theater and art.  Recently, Purple Threads moved out of New York City and into the rural setting of North Central Pennsylvania.  We are discovering the local theater scene here and have a few projects up our sleeves.  So, stay tuned!

Here are a few of our favorite collaborators to date:

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